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by interstellar overdrive

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Wherever I look I see locked doors and empty walls, With my fingers crossed, I linger in four corners. My body’s broken left and right, my hands are tied, My words are dry, each and every night. How my actions never fit me and I feel it… In my backbone chilling me, a job that’s slowly killing me. And when the sun comes out tomorrow, it’s burning me. And when the night falls down around me, it’s smothering me. And if the night falls down around me, it’ll be drowning me.
Now that the sea is calm and the waves much smaller with a little boat we could row. Now that the rain has stopped and the wind died out along the ravine we could walk. But the sea washes ashore dead fish and the mountains have been sold the picture that comes to life breaks me every time. When I’m high on the hill and follow the road to the beach I recall the sense of the water and hope that our tree still exists.
Echo 01:33
My echo sends back words hacked and nasty Takes after the ripple of the world Which got heavier inside me. Innocence, you have corrupted me All that I did and all that I planned Around thee.
[…]…I love your nose…[…]
De tout petits mouvements recherchent un élan qui pourrait échapper au sommeil du fou, lourds de scenteurs inconnues ils embrassent le front des gens. Partout toujours, l’aurore me tue car j’ai disparu, oublié, que tout est ici-méme tout est ici-méme. [thoughts from the land of 1000 autumns] Tiny little movements, seeking a rift to spring if it happens to escape the madman’s sleep they fill space with scents unknown kiss people on the forehead. From all I’ve seen dawn wears me down it’s cause I faded and forgot that everything is here everything is here.
use me up in fragile days in fragile dance i can't say no more use me up in fragile days nothing moves water dry nothing blinks to me sounds just pass me by in fragile days do the fragile dance in other times there's not a soul around there's not a soul around
Hear me, singing in empty rooms Waiting as sunlight looms, I shouldn’t stay. Break me, in pieces of glass and bone Push me and bring me out, I want to know. I liked the way you stood in space Away from everyone else all the time. I’m smashing windows, I’m breaking down doors I’m running out of breath and… keeling over in the cornfields. I’m stumbling over my feet, I’m turning down walls I need to be precise if I don’t want to fall. I feel for you, I’m here for you am I right, am I wrong?
Tumulte 01:03
Je brise la glace je brise les vagues et les ailes des rossignols et les souvenirs vagues dans les cœurs qui exultent des rondes et des farandoles. Où est ma place dans ce tumulte? I break the ice I break the waves and the nightingales’ wings… Where do I belong in this tumult?
Gadgetry 03:05
Take down your picture frames, your self-portraits your mistakes Move out your gadgetry your stuffed toys your misery. But I can’t control anything And you surround everything I come near. Rip of your tapestry, and clear out your irony Hold down your bigotry, your soleprint away from me. I’ve been at the bench we were together I touched the wood and the metal. Every time I see this place I fear a change The step I never made it drops me away And it drops me away, now.
Happy Hour 02:11
Woke up late on a Sunday morning, afternoon Nothing to do but laze around. Maybe I’ll make myself some coffee pretty soon Maybe I’ll just flick on the news. And I know that you’re waiting in a bar With your hair made up and your eyes lighting up. Woke with an unusual feeling, sort of guilt Such a strange day in such an ordinary place. Take my time walking through my corridor Counting pieces with my feet on the floor. And I know that you’re waiting in a bar For the rest of your life for someone to arrive.
I live in a city sterile & clean of everything mean.


This is the latest full album of the band. It was produced in 3 countries (Greece, England and Ireland) within the span of 5 years. It has been co-produced at SARC, a research center on sonic art, implementing also new methods for musical expression and human-machine interaction. The album demonstrates excessive unevenness of style throughout, probably up to the point of being inconsistent.


released January 1, 2009

[peps]: voice
[kat]: bass, vocals (4, 5, 7, 9), guitar (7, 8)
[@lek]: drumset, indefinite pitched percussion
[o.k]: marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, xylophone, (prepared/) piano, harmonium, hammond, indefinite pitched percussion, guitars, violin (5), turntable, analogue + digital synthesizers, vocals (3, 4, 5, 6, 9), sonic swarm controller/ sensors, max/msp, computer programming.
piano, wurlitzer, acoustic guitar, ms20 (korg) and vocals (2) by Stef Kamil Carlens; violins (1, 2, 6, 8) by Dinos Bourandas; guitar (8) by Stefanos Rokos order; trumpet (12) by Berit Janssen; sax (4, 9, 11) by Michalis Erotokritou; cello (11) by Hilde Van der Have; trombone (3) by Jim Yasemides; concertina and harp (1, 5, 6, 9) by Una Monaghan; voice (6) by Virginie Gavinet and her sample on (4, 9, 11); voice (10) by Johana Gloel; irish folk sample on (1) recorded in a Northern Irish pub under kind permission of the local musicians; Anglia Chorus (13) was recorded during a vocal workshop in Cambridge April 2005, (the sample used is from a west African chant); underwater screams and sounds on (1) and (6) were recorded in a small beach somewhere in the Aegean sea with considerate help from the villagers. All of the aforementioned musicians contributed significantly towards the final shape of the songs.

Produced in Cambridge, Department of Music and Performing Arts, ARU (UK); Belfast, Sonic Arts Research Centre, QUB (NI); Athens, Artracks Studios and Matrix Studio (GR) by [o.k], [@lek] and G.P throughout the period of 2003-2007.
All the sonic material, except in (5), was engineered and manipulated at the Blochnunga Mobile Studios at various spaces and time by [o.k.].




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