Surface b

by interstellar overdrive

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This album has run out of print since 2004 and it is unknown whether it will be re-released. Feel free to download a part of it in full quality.


released May 1, 2003

@lek Sakellariou: drums & percusssion
Orestis Karamanlis: electric, acoustic & classical guitars, bass, percussion, harmonica, xylophone, piano, vocals
Dr.Aris: bass
Pepy Kosma: voice;
Dinos Bourandas: electric & classical violins, viola.

Additional Musicians:
Manolis Angelakis: vocals (courtesy from the band Illegal Operation)
Aris Oikonomou: jaguar guitar
Dimitris Ioannou : vocals (courtesy from the band Bokomolech)
Grigoris Kokkinos: drums
Sofia Labropoulou: harp of Asia Minor
Akis Bogiatzis: vocals (courtesy from the band Sigmatropic)
Artemis Bogri: vocals
Ifigenie Bogiatzaki: vocals
Alan Massie: flute
Alexander Zhibaj: cello

Noam Chomsky’s voice used with his permission.




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Track Name: Pulse
Where am I going, where am I now?
I'm selling everything, emigrating
I've four alarm clocks, I don't know why
And there are thousand ways to live a life.

Indifferent, with no chance
I have crossed an ocean of hearts
Lord, where am I going without pulse?
Track Name: Every Day
Late at night, after you're gone
my clothes have your scent.
How I wish they'd always smell like this every day.

And I wake up next morning with another man's head.
And I wake up next morning and find myself dead.
That's what I dreamt.

Before your words I've turned away
And with a fear I wait every day.

Late at night when I am alone
my fingers have your scent.
How I wish they'd always smell like this every day.
Track Name: & Time Melting Me
With every word you say I come up with a story that's eating me.
I wish things weren't that fluid, as they appear to be…

When we laid down in darkness I thought I knew.
And you fed me to your friends, how delicate of you…

& time melting me.